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Hue Jackson 2011 Raiders Coaching Staff: Jackson Will Be Calling The Offensive Plays

Yesterday, Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator Hue Jackson was introduced as the new head coach of the team. During his press conference, Jackson stated that he would be the primary play-caller on offense for the Raiders. This somewhat follows what we've seen in San Francisco where new head coach Jim Harbaugh stated he would be involved in the play-calling. While Jim Harbaugh used a play-calling committee of sorts at Stanford and will potentially do something similar in San Francisco, Jackson's work as offensive coordinator makes it sound like he'll basically be operating as the head coach and offensive coordinator in its entirety.

The departures on the coaching staff have already begun as offensive line coach Jim Michalczik is leaving the Raiders and returning to Cal to coach their offensive line. Given Jackson's existing presence with the team it will be interesting to see how many current Raiders coaches he retains. Jim Harbaugh was new to San Francisco so it made sense that he would want to bring in a lot of his own guys. The staff in Oakland was brought in by Tom Cable, but Jackson's been able to develop working relationships with these coaches.

One name that was brought up early in the press conference was Al Saunders:

"I'm going to be the primary playcaller, but we're going to do everything we can to recruit the best staff for the Oakland Raiders,'' Jackson said. "Obviously the name you just mentioned (Al Saunders) is someone who's out there that we would love to talk to, but there's several people that we're going to talk to. We're going to do everything we can to put the best staff we can here in Oakland.''

Jackson was also the one to confirm the 49ers had hired Ed Donatell to be their secondary coach. I'd imagine this information came to him when he attempted to contact Donatell about interviewing for a position with the Raiders.

However it plays out we'll be keeping an eye on the Raiders coaching staff plans over the coming weeks. For more on the Raiders, head over to Silver and Black Pride.