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Golden State Warriors @ Miami Heat - New Years Resolution, Grab Some Rebounds

The Warriors may have ended 2010 with all smiles (I'm sure devouring pulled pork and popping champagne over at Stephen Curry's house after last night's win) but may be entering 2011 with sad emoticons on their Twitter feeds. Curry may have been ‘at-home' in Charlotte, but the road has hardly been a safe place for the Warriors, who tonight face the Miami Heat, winners of 16 of their last 17.

One of those wins being a 106-84 demolition of the Warriors at the Oracle.

This time the Warriors take on Lebron James and the rest of the ‘big three' in Miami. If the Warriors don't get the win, I'm sure they will have a good time out on the town led by former resident of South Beach, Dorell Wright. I hear jai alai is a wonderful game down in those parts!

I'm sure you sports fans already know how awesome the Heat have been. But if you've don't have cable television or a high-speed internet connection or lack a smart phone with internet capabilities, then here is a brief run down of how dominant the Heat have been and how terrifying this might be for our Warriors:

Dwyane Wade, in the last two games, has averaged 42.5 points and 13 trips to the line. Not a good sign for our foul-hungry Warriors. In the month of December alone, Wade has averaged 28 points on 55% shooting.

Lebron James has looked similarly amazing. Not quite the Magic Johnson everyone expected him to be running with Wade and Chris Bosh, but still an efficient 25 points on 7 assists and nearly 8 rebounds for the month of December.

Chris Bosh has looked about as great as Mychal Thompson was for the early 80s Los Angeles Lakers teams. Bosh has been averaging nearly 20-10 since December.

So what might be the keys to tonight's game? Hustle. Hustle as hard as you can. Try to rebound as much as possible? Try to lose by less than 20?