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Darian Hagan Jr. Meets His Dad On Saturday

The star Cal corner will meet the Colorado running back coach/former national championship quarterback across the sidelines on Saturday. However, it's not as heartwarming as it might seem, as Hagan and his dad have only really admired each other from afar.

Hagan and his father are not close -- Hagan Sr. was in college when Bruce gave birth to their son -- but animosity doesn't exist. Bruce married Jerome Bruce when Hagan was 18 months old, and he was raised by his mother and stepfather.

"It's not as strong as we would both like, but it is what it is," Hagan said of his relationship with his father. "We talk every now and again."

Hagan said his father tried to convince him to come to Colorado when he was being recruited out of Crenshaw High-Los Angeles. But Hagan, one of the most heavily recruited defensive backs in the country, decided he wanted to make his own name. He had several major programs from which to choose.

"He was thinking he wanted to have a name for himself and set his path somewhere else. That's pretty much why he didn't come here," Hagan Sr. told "I wasn't going to deter him. I wanted the best decision for him. He considered a lot of things, but it pretty much came down to him being comfortable somewhere he could make a name for himself."

One trail blazed their mark through Boulder, the other is hoping to conclude a satisfying career in Berkeley. Like father, like son.

Darian Hagan becomes a Cal Bear (via HawaiianBear)