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Giants Win Big 7-3 In Game One

Matt Cain was in fine form on Thursday night against the NL West leading Padres, putting the Giants within one game of being on top of the division. Cain pitched eight innings allowing only one run, before giving up a two-run homer in the 9th, before he gave way to the bullpen.

Overall, he gave up three runs on five hits and a walk, while striking out eight. His velocity was up, his location was great, and overall, Matt Cain looked great out there.

Aubrey Huff went 3-4, including a two-run shot while Buster Posey put in a two-run homer of his own. Pat Burrell got ah hold of one as well, earning a solo homer alongside Juan Uribe, who put up one of his own.

They took Jon Garland for six runs on eight hits in five innings. Garland also walked three. Andres Torres hit a triple on the second pitch of the game, and was drove in by Freddy Sanchez on a single. Sanchez also had three hits in the game.

The win was the first time the Giants ever hit four home runs in one game at Petco Park. Not only did it put them one game back of the Padres, but it put them one game back for the wild card behind the Braves.