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Oakland Raiders At Tennessee Titans: Storylines Going Into The Game

Going into week one, the Oakland Raiders remain in the same place they've been for awhile. They're relatively unproven, and the verdict is out there for them right now. They have unproven rookies on the offensive line, a quarterback who was never quite as good as he wanted to be in Washington and a promising defense that is still nothing more than that right now: promising.

It will be interesting to see how Oakland's shuffled offensive line handles the Titans' young, hungry defensive line. It's trial by fire right out of the gate for Oakland's towering rookie center Jared Veldheer, who won the starting job despite obvious inconsistencies this preseason. He'll be up against defensive tackle Jason Jones on the Titans, 

The Raiders have a stable of receiving targets and running backs who are looking to prove themselves, as well. In fact, just about every starter on the team is trying to solidify their position as the starter. A lot of question marks for the Raiders going into Sunday's matchup with the Titans.  We'll have a full preview in the coming days here at SB Nation Bay Area.