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Groves Takes Over LB Spot; Bush Probable For Week One

Looks like Quentin “Grove Street” Groves has impressed enough in the preseason to start the season as the Raiders starting right linebacker. Trevor Scott will leave the spot to replace Matt Shaughnessy at right defensive end. A bit of a surprise, as Shaughnessy looked solid in the preseason (in camp and games), and Groves was in danger of not even making the 53-man roster at cut time. But my guess is Groves’ in-your-face attitude made Al Davis salivate. Interestingly enough, the man Groves tried to karate kick early in camp, Alex Daniels, didn’t make the roster.

In other news, coach Tom “The Cable Guy” Cable said there’s “a real chance” Michael Bush will be healthy enough to start Week One. Darren McFadden is currently asking Bush advice on how to recover from injury so fast. Bush fractured his left thumb on Aug. 28 against SF, and was expected to be out four to six weeks at the time according to those pesky doctors. But he had surgery, bandaged that little digit up, and Cable seems to have decided to ignore those professionals who go to school for years just to simply have their medical opinions respected. Looks like “The Cable Guy” is venturing into a new career path…