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49ers Announce Team Captains

Head coach Mike Singletary selected his six team captains for the 2010 NFL season. Of note is the lack of a captain on special teams that 49ers fans might be used to at this point. The team captains are as follows:

QB Alex Smith
TE Vernon Davis
C Eric Heitmann
DE Justin Smith
LB Patrick Willis
LB Takeo Spikes

The other thing to note is quarterback Alex Smith being a team captain. A good number of teams have their quarterback as a captain, and last year, Smith wasn't one of them for the 49ers. This offseason he has been one of forward progress in the leadership category for Smith, who has been noted by analysts, coaches and players alike for his new-found fire on the practice field and in gameday situations.

Eric Heitmann being a captain likely quells any line of thought that placed him behind David Baas on the depth chart upon returning from his injury, regardless of the level of play Baas puts forth.