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Ekpe Udoh Was In Miami 'Enjoying Life'

A little while back, we found out Ekpe Udoh was doing it big "on a boat" in Miami with breezys cannonballing off the sides with P.Diddy's Ciroc flowing like it was Cristal, a legitimate beverage of the wealthy, in the early 2000s. Now THAT is how you "enjoy life" as an NBA player. Thanks to Bay Area native and journalist Aubrey Aquino of On The Flipside TV, we got actual footage of Udoh getting his swerve on, making his cast look more like a summer fashion statement than a hinderance to his basketball development. But why is Udoh hanging with former-NBA players, Maurice Ager and Anthony Roberson? 

The Udoh action begins at 6.00 where you will find him stanky-legging by himself. From the looks of Udoh's stanky-legging, he's probably got great defensive position, especially on the box-outs. He gets LOW!