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Mike Singletary's Stare Makes List Of Top Trademark Looks

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Sports Illustrated published a feature recently regarding the top "trademark looks" in the NFL. They compiled 21 "looks," and the Hall of Fame linebacker for the Chicago Bears and current head coach of the San Francisco 49ers had his stare make the list, which includes Peyton Manning's forehead, Troy Polamalu's hair, Wade Phillips' blank look and so much more.

It's a pretty entertaining piece. More fun is poked than respect given, but it's overall a good list. Some things, such as Andy Reid's glasses, I don't feel belong on the final list, but that's all just nitpicking at this point. Singletary's stare tops it, and the feature makes a good point with its description. Make the jump for the excerpt and link.

Usually, when a player catches a coach's eye it's a good thing. Not always in Singletary's case. With a stare that could melt polar ice caps, Singletary can scare a player straight with just a look. Just ask tight end Vernon Davis.

"Cannot play with them. Cannot win with them. Cannot coach with them. Can't do it."

What a true statement. Singletary's stare in his playing days was legendary. He absorbed every aspect of the field, and when he made eye contact, you knew that you were, in every essence, his lady. It struck fear in offensive linemen, half backs, full backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and, most of all, quarterbacks.

Nowadays, the look is given to the wayward player who thinks it keen to do something that displeases the coach. It's a softened expression these days, but it still holds that stern quality one comes to expect. I think it's a fitting trademark look to top off the list, though it's unclear whether or not it's numbered.

All I'm saying is: if you take any of those looks, and found a tangible, physical and representable way to make that look do battle with Singletary's look, I guarantee the look in question would be sacked for a seven-yard loss before being carted off and placed on injured reserve.

The link to the feature is here, if you missed it earlier. Singletary is at the top.