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"I Was Cocky" - Jeremy Lin

These words are hard to believe from the soft-spoken self-identified Christian.  Until now, part of Lin's mythology is his ability to defy all odds, whether it quietly defying stereotypes about Asian non-athleticism or the athletic and technical limitations to his game. It's a great story that young kids can really get behind. But once upon a time, Jeremy Lin admits to kids at a Golden State Warriors Youth Basketball Camp that he was a "bad teammate," who constantly "yelled at them" to the point of getting "kicked out of high school practice."

What? Lin said the Warriors were his favorite team growing up but were Latrell Sprewell and Stephen Jackson his favorite players and role models?  I kid. On the one hand, it's nice to hear that Lin's got some swag.  On the other hand, you're definitely impressed by the mental transformation to his game. Lin's comments about work-ethic gives me hope that the new Warriors, along with new additions, are in the right direction at least. Though, some swag-appeal could be good this group, too.

I was curious who Jeremy Lin was talking to.  His serious tone made me think he might have been talking to a crowd of high schoolers.  Turns out, these kids can eat free at Dennys.  See the video below context.