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Dynamo Tie Game 1-1 During 1st Half Extra Time

Brad Davis headed home into the top left corner of the goal after a cross from Brian Mullan to bring the Dynamo level after an ugly half of football. Mullan took advantage of Tim Ward, who fell down trying to stop Mullan’s attack down the sideline. Mullan’s first cross was parried away by Busch, but the ball eventually found its way back to Mullan, who appeared to blindly send it back into the box, where it found Davis’s head.

The game had been getting chippy as Jason Hernandez and Cornell Glen both picked up yellow cards for the quakes. San Jose will need to regroup and refocus during the halftime break after starting the game so successfully. But since Geovanni’s assist the Quakes have struggled to get the ball to their designated player as Houston has increasingly controlled the run of play. Still, until their goal Houston lacked any kind of quality finishing. This is still a game very much up for grab.