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San Francisco Giants Giveaways Versus Oakland A's Giveaways

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I was at the Giants' 2-1 victory over the Rockies Wednesday when the team ran an advertisement on the scoreboard about upcoming giveaways. On Sept. 17, the Giants will be giving away an orange Buster Posey T-shirt to the first 20,000 fans. The last major giveaway of the Giants season is a grocery tote bag on Sept. 30 to the first 5,000 fans who donate food or $5 for a food drive. Across the Bay, the Oakland A's have five more giveaways left this season. They include an Oakland A's ball cap, a pink tote bag on Breast Cancer Awareness Day, a team photo, a baseball card set, and a Dallas Braden bobblehead.


I've always found giveaways to be quite interesting because a team can often get really creative in their giveaways. Having worked for the A's, I got a chance to see many of their giveaways up close. Two of my favorites were an Oakland A's marionette, an Oakland A's weeble-wobble (my favorite giveaway), and A's Russian nesting dolls. They of course also gave away plenty of bobbleheads, although they never quite got to my idea of a Jimmie Foxx or Connie Mack bobblehead.


For those reading this, among all the giveaways you've likely received, what was your favorite?