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Former Warrior Chris Porter, No. 20 NCAA Dunk Of All-Time

Chris Porter, former second round pick of the Golden State Warriors (No. 55 overall in the 2000 draft) and most recently star of multiple Asian basketball leagues, was paid tribute on YouTube in what is probably the ultimate mixtape EVER. Here are the top 50 dunks ever in college hoops, which Porter's jam over LSU at No. 20. The video is great for highlighting some of the most humanly impossible dunks of the NCAA, albeit from a relatively unknown cast of players. The video is worth watching in its entirety if not just to catch a glimpse of Porter's ridiculous athleticism and signature hair-do. 


Ten-day contract player for the Warriors, Will Bynum, also makes the list at number #36 and can be caught jabberin' at the dude who got tea-bagged somethin' fierce.  


This brief window into Porter's game makes me wonder if Porter could have stuck in the NBA.  And if so, what kind of role could his incredible athleticism (but not much else) provide for an NBA team?


(Via Dime Magazine)