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How We Moderate Here On SB Nation

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One question I've received from readers is, "How do you moderate posts on SB Nation?" and it's a valid question, I think. Whenever I use a message board or forum of any kind, I always wonder how the user interface looks for moderators and admins. So I thought, being the great guy that I am, I'd give you some insight as to how we do that at SB Nation.

First, before are ever given any power, we are given an old Atari 2600 game system and a copy of Asteroids. We are told to master the game, to learn all facets of smooth control and swift elimination. The rigorous training generally lasts about six weeks and we all come out of it with a little more hair on our chests. Even the ladies.

After that, we are trained to show no mercy. Wayward comments that don't belong are instilled into our brains. Spam, offensive language, trolling and general idiocy are drilled into our skulls as blog enemy number one. Death must come swiftly to comments that don't belong. We enter a browser mode known simply as "Kick ass," wherein we put on some pretty high tech virtual reality gear and assume our place in a cockpit. From there, we fly around the virtual site and rain death upon the wayward commenter. Make the jump for more + video.

Each deleted comment is followed directly by massive amounts of alcohol and customary spinning out all over the page in our virtual triangle-ship. As you can tell from the video below, I was mostly asleep through our training. You see me fly off screen, I crash into a Comcast SportsNet ad (sorry fellas), only to return and destroy the avatar, completing my deletion. Also, there was nothing wrong the comment I deleted, I just felt like using Tre9er as an example. Video below.

If I've made some sort of mistake, the video is here.