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The Sunday Night Rap Rolls Out Diane Lane On Third Episode Tonight

Tonight at 9pm local time, Gary Radnich and Tony Bruno will be going live on CSN California (channel 41 on Comcast in San Francisco) in their new show The Sunday Night Rap. This weekly show is on its third episode and features two Bay Area radio icons discussing the week in Bay Area sports. Given that Bay Area sports is what our regional site is all about, I figured people might want to check this out.


Additionally, the folks at CSN are having me down to check out the show and chat with Bruno and Radnich. I'm bringing down my camera to get some shots of the whole set-up and will have those up sometime this week. More importantly (as far as I'm concerned): tonight's guest's are actress Diane Lane and director Randall Wallace from the new movie Secretariat. For those who don't know, Diane Lane is the force that caused Bill Simmons to change the Rene Russo All Stars to the Diane Lane All Star. If you enjoy Bruno and Radnich on the radio, I'd suggest checking out this program. At the link in the first paragraph you can listen to a podcast version of last week's show.