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SB Nation Adds Stanford Blog

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SB Nation has blogs for the 49ers, Raiders, Sharks, Warriors, Giants, A's and Cal on their network. One of the things they've been lacking is a blog for Stanford, and in fact, the internet in general has been lacking in Stanford Cardinal coverage. That changes today, as they've added Rule of Tree (, a blog for Stanford fans to keep up with news regarding their school's athletics as well as join in on the discussion regarding it.


Each blog on SB Nation grows in its own way, develops their own community with their own traditions and memes, and thus the best time to join up is in the beginning. On behalf of SB Nation Bay Area, I'd like to welcome them to the network and I look forward to the contributions they can make to our own coverage of the team here at our regional Bay Area site.


You can follow Rule of Tree on Twitter @RuleofTree, it looks like. No tweets yet, but I have to assume that will change as Scott gets settled in over there. Head on over to their welcome post and join in, maybe shove a few of those opposing fans around a little bit. It's your blog.