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Surfing The Bay: Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Get off the computer and get in front of your TV (or if you don't actually have to get up, turn your head... and if you don't even have to turn you're head... well you're too lazy for your own good) because here's what's on the tube for you tonight. All times are pacific.

Playbook | 3:00 p.m. | NFL Network - NFL Network's always-solid program breaking down certain plays from this past week's NFL games. I'm not sure if they had one yesterday or not, so I'm not positive if they are covering only the 49ers game today, but either way, it's a good watch for the football scholar within.

NFL Total Access | 4:00 p.m. | NFL Network - Hey look, more NFL stuff! The 49ers just played on Monday Night Football, and I'm assuming there will a lot regarding that on this episode of Total Access, so go ahead and watch it. Because I said so.

Giants @ Cubs | 5:00 p.m. | CSN Bay Area - Every series and every game is a crucial one for the Giants, and this one is rightly so. They have a slight edge in the NL West, and need to beat the Cubs convincingly to get some good momentum and distance going for them. Immediately preceded and followed by Giants Pregame and Postgame Live, respectively.

ESPN's 30 for 30: The House of Steinbrenner | 5:00 p.m. | ESPN - I've said it before and I'll say it again, the 30 for 30 series is pretty fantastic. There is no excuse to miss this unless you are a Giants fan. Well, maybe you hate the Yankees as well, which is totally understandable. But this should be a great documentary

White Sox @ Athletics | 7:00 p.m. | CSN California - The A's put on a good game yesterday, and look to do so again tonight. The White Sox are still reeling and the A's are looking to boost themselves above .500. Is there much else to say? Immediately preceded and followed by A's Pregame and Postgame Live, respectively.

Chronicle Live | 9:00 p.m. | CSN Bay Area - Takeo Spikes anchor the solid group of guests for tonights episode. A good way to close out your night, honestly. I enjoy this show immensely, and you should too. Simple as that, I say!