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California Linebackers Set For Season Opner

According to Cal linebacking coach Kenwick Thompson, both Keith Browner and Mychal Kendricks will rotate pass rush responsibilities. Jim McGill of Bear Insider with the story.

One of the mysteries heading into the season is whether Browner or other starting linebacker Mychal Kendricks will line up on the weak side as the primary rush backer.

The reason for the confusion is that there apparently isn’t a traditional weak side or strong side linebacker this year, as both starters will be responsible for playing both sides, depending on the formation and movement.

“They both have to play both sides since teams play tight ends on both sides and sometimes play two tight ends,” said Thompson. “They’ll do both.”

Preseason All-American candidate Mike Mohamed will play weakside inside backer and junior DJ Holt will play strong side inside backer this season.