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UC Davis Fans Confident About Their Chances Against California

The California Golden Blogs conducted an interview with the only mainstream publication that covers UC Davis football on a regular basis, the California Aggie. And like true college football fans should, they believe their team will make a game of it against the on Saturday.

9. What do you think the final score will be?

Jason: Answering this question puts me in a pickle. I can channel my inner Aggie and say UC Davis will run the gauntlet and come our with a victory or I can channel my inner sports fan and make an educated prediction of the game. I will say this. The Aggies will surprise quite a few people. I've had my friends who go to Berkeley drop all kinds of insults about Davis. The best one I've heard is "Nah man...You don't rub in it when you beat UC Davis. That's like kicking a baby." I'm not going to go and talk trash about Berkeley because more than likely, the Bears will win this one. Cal is faster, stronger and bigger. But I will say this. The Aggie will make a game of it. They'll compete and execute all the way to the final whistle. UC Davis will open some eyes and make some of those obnoxious Berkeley fans squirm in there seats. Maybe in a few years, the two teams can meet up again and Davis can run the table and steal a victory. However, I don't see the Aggies getting lucky on Saturday.

Final: Cal 24-Davis 10

Grace: We’re a team on the rise and hungry for victory: 14-12, UC Davis (like it was in 1939). Check out my preview of Saturday’s game in the Aggie to find out the real story from the last time our teams played over 70 years ago.

Click the link to see more of the interview!