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Position Battles Heading Into Last Preseason Game Before Final Cuts

By this time, Coach Mike Singletary and his wise old staff have seen what they need to see before making final cuts…for the most part. There are still some position battles that will be raging on the field tonight against the Chargers that will finally be determined after the sweat and grime has been showered off…or not depending on if some of the players are European. Phil “The Barber” Barber of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat breaks it down professionally heading into tonight’s game, shaving down the minor details so to speak and getting down to the nitty gritty (or the gritty nitty).

The highlights:

-The Niners might go with two fullbacks for the season. Look for Brit Miller and Jehuu Caulcrick to make it so. Caulcrick seems to have the edge so far in training camp. And his name is better.
-Jason Hill and Kyle Williams are competing for the final wideout spot. Williams is slightly injured and will not play. After buzz about Hill early last season, he has since fizzled and will likely have to stand out this game.
-Tony Wragge and Barry Sims and Adam Snyder and Alex Boone oh my, who will claim the final one to four spot(s) on the offensive line?
-The Niners will either be pleased with five defensive linemen, or they will keep Demetric Evans or Khalif Mitchell. Both haven’t shown much this training camp.
-Diyral Briggs and Travis LaBoy (Oh Boy) have been strong in the preseason. I’ve had my eyes on LaBoy particularly, who seems like he could make a real difference rushing the passer (he was the guy who injured Raiders QB Jason Campbell last game). Unfortunately for them, the Niners seem to always have a plethora of linebacking talent and seven guys, as noted by Barber, seem to have locks on the spot. Eight linebackers is a lot of linebackers, to put it simply.
-Four CBs are competing to make the team, and the Niners are thin at the position. Expect atleast one of them to make it. Expect atleast two to feel they were wronged.

Expect me to get some much-needed rest after linking this many names. Good luck guys! Make the team or something.