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Most Overrated Scorer of 2009-2010: Monta Ellis

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Will people stop picking on Monta Ellis? David Berri of Wages of Wins breaks down the most "overrated" scorers in the NBA of the past season based on the number of wins a player generates. Like other Warriors who's achievements of epic failures have become a highlight (Biedrins and his free throws), Monta Ellis, for Berri, was THE leader of the pack.


People often question that stats don't take into account all the injuries that the Warriors endured and hence the added burden of scoring that Monta had to face. I think advanced takes care of that with their complex algorithms that include things such as points surrendered, turnovers, assists, etc., to account for the number of wins a player generates. I'm still trying to figure it out myself but it seems pretty comprehensive.


Lets face it, Monta was just not very good last season. He was actually just the worst. But like all Warrior fans, lets make lemonade out of lemons and embrace the suck one more time!