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49ers-Saints Final Injury Report: Question Marks In Secondary

The 49ers released their final injury report for the week heading into Monday’s battle with the Saints.

There are some questions about Chilo Rachal at right guard (as discussed at the above link), but there is also a concern for the 49ers in the secondary. Will James managed to improve from Out to Doubtful but is probably not going to be able to play this Sunday.

The bigger concern is that Phillip Adams is questionable for the game. James has been out since the middle of training camp, so his absence on Monday wouldn’t be a shock. However, with James out, Adams is the #4 and final cornerback for the team. Given all the receiving weapons the Saints have at their disposal, having some cornerback depth would be at least a little bit helpful. I’d imagine Adams will be playing, but this is certainly a cause for concern for now.