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49ers Punt Return Options Banged Up

The 49ers had a good deal of success last week with Ted Ginn Jr returning punts against the Seahawks (arguably the only positive from the game). Unfortunately Ginn sprained his MCL and will probably not be playing this week.

In his place, the 49ers’ options include CB Phillip Adams, WR Kyle Williams and WR Dominique Zeigler. Adams and Williams both had success in the preseason, while Zeigler received a few opportunities last season.

Wiliams has been out for a month due to an injury the first week of the preseason and has been limited in practice this week. Adams received the one punt return after Ginn went out and would appear to be the favorite, particularly since he ran one back for a touchdown in the preseason. However, he was limited in practice today with a sore hamstring. He practiced fully yesterday, so I’d like to hope it’s just a temporary thing. If not, expect Zeigler back returning punts on Monday Night Football.