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Many Raiders Still Licking Wounds:

From Jerry McDonald

Players who didn’t practice Thursday were WR Chaz Schilens (knee), Gallery, DT Richard Seymour, CB Walter McFadden (hamstring) and LB Travis Goethel (lower back).

Those were limited included Bush, CB Nnamdi Asomugha, S Hiram Eugene (hamstring) and CB Chris Johnson (stinger). DT Desmond Bryant (elbow) practiced fully for the second consecutive day.

Schilens, Goethel and McFadden can be expected to be inactive, with Gallery the least likely of the rest of the group to play. Cable said early in the week they were hoping to see him practice by Friday.

This does not bode well for Sunday’s game. If Seymour and Nnamdi miss this game, this could be the most embarrassing loss in the last 7 years. The Rams have lost 26 of 27 games. The Raiders HAVE to make it 27 of 28 or this thing will come unglued very quickly.