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49ers-Saints: Battling The Saints Mighty Offense

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There is no question the New Orleans Saints have a filthy offense that can absolutely obliterate even the best defense. The 49ers are coming off a blowout loss in Seattle in which the secondary got too aggressive and was burned accordingly by Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks WRs. Niners Nation opened the floor for discussion on how to improve the situation and received a variety of responses. Reader Tre9er cut to the chase:

I think you need to keep the safeties deep in zone, well, they should be true “safeties” in that they keep everything in front on their half, and then play Man underneath. I’d expect a lot of Nickel and Dime, we’re gonna have to if they march 4-5 WR’s out there. There has to be some man though, even if it’s just 2 or 3 man and the rest of the guys play zone. We also have to send LB’s on blitzes, use stunts, and don’t give up on it. Tell the secondary “NO BIG PLAYS” and then unleash the dogs.

The 49ers struggled enough in the pass rush against the Seahawks and will certainly need to get improved play from their blitzing linebackers. Coach Singletary indicated Ahmad Brooks will probably play this week so that would be a nice addition to the lineup.