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Craig Breslow: Brainiac And All-Around Good Guy

Yahoo! Sports had a great article today about Oakland A's relief pitcher Craig Breslow. Breslow graduated from Yale, almost went to med school, and currently heads up a foundation that raises money to fight childhood cancers.


Breslow has put together a solid 2010 season for the A's, appearing in 67 games with a 3.31 era and a career low1.07 WHIP. Even more important for his foundation is that Breslow is the Oakland A's nominee for the annual Robert Clemente Award. Each team nominates a player and then one is selected for the award and then fans can vote on the award through October 8. Head over to the official website to vote for Craig Breslow. There is a bunch of sponsor info so I'd just make up info to avoid a crush of useless car info.