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Floyd Mayweather Wants To Kill C.J. Watson

New, 1 comment reports that Mayweather, after hearing from his baby mama Josie Harris that CJ Watson was her new man, threatened to kill both Harris and C.J. Watson.  Mayweather and Harris' 10 year old son as eye witness to the alleged domestic violence charges said that Mayweather said "I'm going to kill you and the man your (sic) are messing around with."


This is not a good few weeks for Mayweather who first insulted Manny Pacquiao and a whole lot of Asians with his poor choice of words and now faces domestic violence charges AND grand larceny for stealing Harris' iphone 4G.  Unless he's taking a chapter out of Mike Tyson's book of celebrityhood, these instances of being in the spot light for the wrong reasons is not a good look.  Lets hope C.J. Watson can fight as good as he bowls.