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Oakland Raiders Recap: Tennessee Breaks Oakland's Momentum, Then Runs Away

The Tennessee Titans stuffed the Oakland Raiders' early hopes to win on Sunday, then ran away through a consistent ground game behind Chris Johnson, Javon Ringer and Vince Young.

Darren McFadden is Oakland's Best Player in 38-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Darren McFadden is Oakland's Best Player in 38-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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It is hard to believe that, at one point in this game, the Oakland Raiders had the lead and momentum after stripping Vince Young of the ball and chipping in a Janikowski Field Goal, because, once again, the Raiders played their own version of the vanilla defense and the offensive line was better at run blocking and screen blocking than protecting the pocket, yet they ignored the underneath on most of their unsuccessful attempts.

Also, true to form, Stanford Routt let his man, Nate Washington, get past him on two plays that damaged the momentum that the rest of the defense had created. Washington got lose for a first down pick-up and then slipped 20 yards behind Routt and easily scored from 70 plus yards out.

Chris Johnson carried the Titans from there. After being held to 3 yards through a quarter and a half, "CJ", went on to rush 27 times for 142 yards and 2 TD's. On one of the runs, a counter-draw, he left Tyvon Branch tying his shoes and was GONE.

This Oakland team is going to need to find some way to get their Offensive Line, Tom Cable's supposed specialty, on the same page and start protecting the quarterback or losing will be a weekly theme.

Jason Campbell was blindsided, hit late, hit low and whacked by Tennessee today. It is amazing that he was still upright after the game. He needs, no, he deserves, more time to get rid of the ball.

Oakland's lone bright spots were Kamerion Wimbley, who forced Vince Young's fumble, and Darren McFadden.

McFadden was Oakland's best, if not only, weapon today. Darren ran the ball 18 times for 95 yards and caught 6 passes for 55 yards and a touchdown.

Vince Young was nearly perfect every time he threw the ball, albeit none were thrown Nnamdi's way, as he completed 13 of his 17 passes for 154 yards, 2 touchdowns and compiled a 142.8 quarterback rating.

Jason Campbell was 22 of 37 for 180 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception. His quarterback rating was 69.7.