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Down By The Bay: That Was Some Baseball

Now, that was some baseball! Granted, we only had one game, the Giants game, but boy was it a game! Nothing like beating a divisional rival and closing in on the playoffs, no? There's football coming up this weekend, as well. Let's get to it, folks.

After the jump is all you need to know when it comes to the A's, Giants, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Sharks and all of Bay Area sports is laid in front of you by myself, as per our team specific blogs. So jump when I say jump... jump.

The Giants beat the Padres in game one of their four-game set yesterday. It was a very good game, I mean, I enjoyed the domination. I bet you did too, unless you hate the Giants. McCovey Chronicles has a postgame thread.


The guys over at Niners Nation had their 2010 NFL season predictions. For all teams. Beyond that, they had a prospector's guide for the game on Sunday, and another injury report.



Silver And Black Pride had their daily morning post with random notes and the like for the day.