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Stanford-Sacramento State News And Updates: Andrew Phillips Team's Honorary Captain

Stanford football begins its campaign this Saturday at home versus Sacramento State. Keep up to date with this week's news on the Cardinal season opener!

After the death of his father Bill Phillips (in the same plane crash that claimed the life of Alaska senator Ted Stevens), the fifth year senior offensive guard hopes to inspire and lead his teammates on the field this Saturday.

Senior center Chase Beeler and the offensive line named Phillips an honorary captain for Saturday's 3:30 p.m. game against Sacramento State.

"We all wish it didn't happen," Luck said. "At the same time, it brought people closer together. Guys were suddenly talking to their parents a lot more and not taking things for granted."

"It shocked everybody," Cardinal senior fullback-linebacker Owen Marecic said of the ineffable situation. "It was a tough hit to the gut. We were there for him and I think we came together through that."