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NFL Preseason, Seahawks @ Raiders: Oakland's Backup QB Position Up For Grabs

On Thursday, the Oakland Raiders will host the Seattle Seahawks for their final game of the 2010 NFL exhibition season. Going into game four, most teams have most questions answered. There are battles here and there for roster sports, but it's largely unimportant for the most part. Oakland will, however, have one important position to address: the backup quarterback position.

An injury to starter Jason Campbell will hold him out of the game that he wouldn't likely play much in anyway, and backups Bruce Gradkowski and Kyle Boller will look to sway Oakland's coaching staff in their favor. Kyle Boller played well throughout the preseason, but it seems like it's Gradkowski's job to lose after his performance last Saturday against the San Francisco 49ers, in which he went 14-of-22 for 202 yards and two touchdown passes.

It will take a lot from Boller to win it, and also probably a bit of a mess-up on Gradkowski's part. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Offensively, running back Michael Bush is out with a foot injury and wide receiver Chaz Schilens is out with a thumb injury. Darren McFadden should get the start for the Raiders as they try and figure out just where he stands in the Raiders backfield and on their depth chart. 

The most important thing for Thursday's games is the upcoming roster cuts, which will take place Saturday evening. Teams will have to cut down 22-players from the current 75-player limit to trim to 53-men on the roster which they'll (likely) carry into next season. There are several players vying for spots for both teams, so it should be interesting to see.