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Chris Owusu Might Not Play Against Sacramento State

Last year’s All Pac-10 Special Teams Returner doesn’t appear on the official Cardinal two-deep depth chart. Currently the third option Doug Baldwin appears in his place and looks to be the second option next to Ryan Whalen. Baldwin has also taken his place as primary kick returner.

Jim Harbaugh, who is secretive about injuries, predictably won’t say exactly why Owusu is missing time.

He didn’t appear on the depth chart the school released Monday, but coach Jim Harbaugh said there’s a chance he could play. “He’s working through something physically,” he said.

When it comes to injuries, Harbaugh holds his cards so tightly to his vest that the queen of diamonds has been known to complain. He has said he doesn’t disclose injuries for confidentiality reasons.

Of course, it is Sacramento State, but with a road trip to UCLA looming, there is some cause for concern for Cardinal fans.