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Quick Look: Rockies @ Giants Finale

Tim Lincecum. I'd like to just make your preview "Tim Lincecum," and then move on. In reality, that's what Wednesday night's game boils down to: which Tim will show up, how will he pitch, did he eat a choco taco before the game, these are pressing questions. He's definitely having himself a down year, to put it nicely. The Giants need him to pitch a very good game, especially considering the fact that they're up against another good pitcher in Ubaldo Jimenez.

In an ideal world for the Giants, this would be a pitching duel, and in an ideal world, it's last year, and Tim Lincecum can win a pitching duel. Oh sure, there's offense and defense and the like. Buster Posey had a good game after a string of frustrating outings and minor nicks. Pablo Sandoval and the gang will look to have a solid performance, but it really all boils down to Tim Lincecum and what he can do with that arm.