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Report: Vernon Davis Upset Over Michael Crabtree's Attitude Toward Preseason

Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree were involved in an altercation at San Francisco 49ers practice Wednesday, though it was not immediately clear as to what they were arguing.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Jim Trotter, the problem seems to have stemmed from Crabtree’s laissez-faire attitude toward the preseason.

Trotter tweeted that the “verbal dustup b/n vernon davis & crabtree is legit. players don’t like crabtree’s ambivalence toward preseason & camp. love his talent, tho” before noting that Davis “grew up” when it was pointed out that it seemed odd the tight end would be the player to bring up the argument.

CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco corroborates that report by saying the argument stemmed from “Crabtree’s attitude and perceived apathy toward training camp and exhibition season.”