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Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree Involved In 'Heated Exchange' at 49ers Practice

San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary is trying to prepare his team for Thursday night’s preseason finale against the San Diego Chargers, but first he had to break up a heated altercation between tight end Vernon Davis and wide receiver Michael Crabtree during Wednesday’s practice according to CSN Bay Area.

Davis was seen gesticulating and angrily yelling at Crabtree in the presence of Singletary while the rest of the team went through a non-padded walk-through practice.

After several minutes, Singletary took both players into the 49ers locker room. After 10 minutes, Davis reappeared and received fist-bumps from several of his teammates. Crabtree and Singletary returned to the practice field nine minutes later.

There was no interaction between the two players after they’d emerged from their conversation with Singletary.

I don’t think ‘gesticulating’ should never happen at football practice.

For Singletary’s part, he notes that Davis was wrong, but didn’t seem to mind that he brought up the situation – just that he would have preferred him to go about it in a different way.

“I appreciate Vernon speaking from his heart, but it was just wrong. He, indeed, is every bit the reason why I made him captain. He’s not going to sugarcoat things. He doesn’t know how to sugarcoat things, I wish he did sometimes,” Singletary said. “But I appreciate what he was trying to do, but it was just wrong.”