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Raiders One Of Three NFL Teams Involved Matt Leinart Trade Talks

The Oakland Raiders planned to find out which of their current quarterbacks would win the backup spot in Thursday’s preseason game, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Raiders could be looking to add another component to the competition by trading for the Arizona Cardinals’ Matt Leinart.

As for the Raiders and Giants, at least one member of each organization had a conversation this week, discussing the idea of trading for Leinart. It is unknown how serious each team is about Leinart, but the topic has been broached in the organizations. The point to all this is clear. The Cardinals are willing to deal Leinart.

Even so, ESPN reports that the Raiders have publicly said they aren’t interested.

The Raiders denied interest in Leinart on Wednesday, saying said in a statement they have never discussed acquiring him and that they are “very happy” about their quarterback situation.

If Leinart comes at a discount – and it seems that the two parties are ready to part ways – he certainly wouldn’t be a terrible insurance plan in case Jason Campbell is banged up throughout the season.