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Best Warriors Of All-Time All Seem To Exist Before 1970

Run TMC frames a lot of Warriors fans' memory of the "glory years," but an unofficial list of the top 10 Warriors of all-time seems to suggest otherwise. Jeff Fox of Hoops Manifesto pulls out a top 10 greatest Warriors list that includes people I have never heard of, of an era of hoops I still don't know much about. Who is Neil Johnston, a rebounding stud in the 1950s?  And what about Paul Arizin, a 10-time all-star, again, in the '50s? Why are their names not hanging from the rafters at Oracle?  


With that said, who would be your top 10 Warriors of as far back as you can remember? And, who are the WORST Warriors of all-time?  All I know is, you won't catch a Warrior nowadays taking a champagne bubble bath like Rick Barry. Now THAT is a superstar!