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A's Offense Fizzles In Chris Carter Debut

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The Oakland A’s offense returned to its struggling ways, as they could not make any noise against Mariners pitcher Doug Fister. Fister had been 0-7 since May 14, but rolled through the A’s lineup tonight. Fister gave up 7 hits and 1 walk in holding the A’s to 1 run.

A’s pitcher Vin Mazzaro put together a solid performance in giving up 3 runs, but the A’s offense couldn’t provide much in the way of support. The A’s were in a position to break through in the sixth inning, but they couldn’t take advantage. A Coco Crisp single was followed by an RBI double by Rajai Davis with nobody out. Unfortunately the A’s couldn’t do anything else.

Tonight also saw the major league debut of A’s prospect Chris Carter. Carter made his debut in left field and went 0-for-3 with 2 strikeouts.