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Do Davis, Iupati Have Edge To Start Already?

No. 11 draft pick Anthony Davis and No. 17 pick Mike Iupati appear to already be gaining traction in the race for the starting OL spots in camp, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. When guard David Baas sustained a concussion on the first padded practice on Aug. 2, it wasn’t big news that Iupati took his place for the time being. What is big news: when Baas returned Saturday, Iupati remained with the first team while Baas practiced with the second team. Bruiser Anthony Davis, meanwhile, started taking first team reps over right tackle Adam Snyder Friday and has since seen his time with the first team increase. Davis, not surprisingly, is excited about the change.

“It means a lot,” Davis said between practices Saturday. “My goal is to get better every day. And them giving me more reps with the first team, they think I’m getting better, too, and that’s what I’m striving for.”