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Anderson Silva Gets The Tap And Beats Chael Sonnen To Retain His Title

Silva catches him right away and catches a body kick. Silva stuff a takedown. Both fighters look ready to explode. Silva cathes another kick but Sonnen rolls out of it. Sonnen strikes Silva and Silva falls, Sonnen pushes the pace and then Silva catches him once. Silvagoes for a takedown and Sonnen ends up on top, Sonnen is landing with several hits, and then Silva drops his hands. Sonnen ragdolls him against the cage and holds top control, raining down. Silva tries to use the cage to get to his feet but Sonnen holds him. Sonnen is in half guard and gets Silva's back, landing several strikes, Silva looks tired and rocked. Sonnen has a rear naked attempt but Silva gets back to his back. Sonnen lands a good elbow and even more strikes from the top. Sonnen pins an arm and is dominating on the ground. Sonnen stands and delivers more and more shots to the face of Silva. He continues to do it, standing in his guard and raining down shots.

The round ends and it clearly goes to Chael Sonnen. Silva looks tired. Sonnen lands a good strike but Anderson lands a great leg kick. Sonnen grabs him and throws him to the ground and lands in Silva'a guard. Silva holds him tight, and Chael Sonnen claps the sides of Silva's head and lifts him slightly, slamming him three times. Sonnen lands a clean punch to Silva's head, and then another. Three minutes in and Sonnen is landing strike after strike. Silva can do nothing but try to control his posture, but isn't doing it well. At two minutes, Sonnen lands a good elbow. Silva is looking for an armbar but Chael escapes. A minute later and Silva is going for another, but Chael escapes. Silva makes his way to the cage and tries to wall cimb. Silva comes to close to getting a kimura and Chael responds with a good punch to end the round. Clearly another Chael Sonnen round.

Silva lands the first shot of the round and Sonnen backs up. Silva lands a spinning back kick, but Chael responds with a takedown against the cage. Silva looks for another Kimura but Chael takes his back. Chael lands knee after knee and punch after punch from back mount. Silva turns and goes for a choke but Sonnen is on top, in Silva's guard. Sonnen throws little punches over and over, landing clean, but Silva doesn't look like he's going to go out. Silva has a body triangle locked in and Sonnen peppered his body with punch after punch. Every second feels like another that Sonnen could finish him or that Silva could turn and explode into a submission.

Silva is doing a good job of not letting Sonnen pass, but Sonnen seems content to throw small punches and body punches. The round again is definitely for Sonnen. In my mind, it's 30-26 right now, with the first round being 10-8.

Silva lands the first hit and then a few more, but Sonnen swings and avoids. Sonnen is rocked but Silva was hit too, Sonnen goes for a take down and Silva ends up on top a minute into the fight. Sonnen wraps his legs and turns him over and ends up on top in a textbook wrestling maneuver. Sonnen works from the top for another few minutes and a minute thirty into the round Sonnen is ahead. Silva panicks and throws elbow after elbow from the bottom but Sonnen weathers the storm and then lands five clean punches from the top. 20 seconds left in the fight and Sonnen has a cut opened up on his left eye, but he continues dominating and the round is Sonnen's. We go to a fifth round.

Sonnen lands the first shot and Silva stuffs a takedown. Sonnen lands a left hook with Silva ducks and Silva falls to the ground. Sonnen falls on top of him, Sonnen gets to half guard and then to side control and goes for a brief arm triangle, but Silva gets out of it and ends up in full guard. But Sonnen rolls to side control again.... but back to full guard. Sonnen lands several more clean shots with three minutes left in the fight.

Silva looks entirely gassed and then Sonnen gets caught in a triangle. Sonnen appears to grab his leg and makes a tapping motion and the fight is called. Sonnen argues that he didn't tap, but the fight is called regardless. On the replay it looks like a tap, however. Anderson Silva wins this fight with a fifth round triangle with around two minutes left in the fight.

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