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Clay Guida Causes Rafael Dos Anjos To Tap, Breaks Dos Anjos' Jaw

Guida neglects to touch gloves and instantly the two are bouncing around. Dos Anjos lands a clean shot but Guida responds with a three punch combo that rocks Dos Anjos. Guida is the aggressor here and lands a very clean head kick. Dos Anjos retaliates with a leg kick that makes Guida think twice, and then lands another. Dos Anjos goes for a takedown but Guida spins him into the cage and works hard for a solid minute on the takedown. 

The two seperate and Guida lands a punch while Dos Anjos lands a good knee. The two are all over the octagon, Guida takes a left hook and checks a leg kick. Dos Anjos shoots for another takedown and it's stuffed by Guida. Guida eats a clean head kick and doesn't look phased. The pace continues with a minute left in the round. Dos Anjos puts together a good combination, finished with an uppercut and a good takedown against the cage with thirty seconds left in the round. Dos Anjos raises a little bit against the cage and throws all his weight into a solid shot to Guida's chin, but Guida is unfazed. The fighters stand and return to the middle of the ring and the round is over

In round two they both rush to the center of the octagon. Guida lands aclean right hook and the two circle, Dos Anjos backs up and catches Guida with a good combo and a leg kick. Guida dodges the first head kick of the round  and ducks a monster left hook. The two exchanged hooks and land clean, and Guida stuffs another takedown from Dos Anjos. They tie up in the cage and quickly end up back in the center. Guida throws a ton of punches but none of them land, neither are slowing down at this point. Dos Anjos throws a series of head kicks but none of them land, Guida is dodging all kinds of shots in round two. With two minutes left in the round, Guida lands a great uppercut and secures a takedown.

There is a quick omoplata scare (for once Rogan identifies the submission correctly) and from top control Guida is largely ineffective. Dos Anjos squirms from the bottom but nothing really happens. Guida ends up getting back to full guard and the round ends.

In the third they both return to the center of the octagon and circle. Guida throws some punches and dos Anjos lands a few counters. Guida begins to overwhelm him and shows good agression. A minute in and they're still circling. Guida goes for a takedown against the cage and lifts dos Anjos up, slamming him into half guard. Guida works from the top, throwing knees and elbow to the midsection. Dos Anjos taps out from the bottom suddenly, and Guida is the winner.

Joe Rogan is saying that dos Anjos hurt his jaw earlier in the fight and Guida applied a lot of pressure into the jaw from the top, pushing his full weight from his shoulder into his jaw, and dos Anjos tapped. Dos Anjos clearly has a broken jaw. Guida wins in the third round from submission.

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