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Junior Dos Santos Defeats Roy Nelson By Unanimous Decision, Earns Title Shot

Nelson shows some good speed off the bat but was rocked in the first minute and dos Santos shrugs off a takedown. They tie up against the cage. Nelson ties up in the clinch and after sperating JDS lands a lot of small punches, Nelson covers up and weathers the storm. Nelson lands some clean hits in between being peppered by elbows and knees. Nelson's hits are landing clean but JDS doesn't seem phazed, Nelson is knocked down two times from uppercuts and at times it looks close to being stopped but Nelson shows a great chin. The fight goes to the second round. 

The two exchange and JDS looks a little tired in the second, Roy lands some more, but JDS lands even more than he does. Roy gets more and more gassed from the hits but overall the second round looks even until the last thirty seconds, in which JDS peppers him more and more and Nelson starts dropping his hands. JDS is hurt a few times but disguises it well. Watching his footwork you can see that he was stumbling a little after the hits. Goes to a third round.

The third round is more of the same as JDS and Nelson are both gas, Nelson's hits are still clean, and JDS looks for the uppercut all round, delivering punishment to the midsection and more. Roy Nelson hits a few, but in the last minute starts becoming more and more inaccurate and almost is finished when the fight comes to an end. The judges announce their scores, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 in favor of Junior Dos Santos. Dos Santos earns a title shot against the winner of the upcoming Brock Lesnar versus Cain Velasquez fight.

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