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Jon Busch Own Goal Puts Quakes in 1-0 Hole

In the game preview I said that goals would be hard to come by, and that 1-0 would be a likely result. Perhaps goals will be easier to come by, because San Jose just gave one away. In the 25th Omar Cummings sent in a rather poor cross that went right into Busch’s hands and chest . . . and then off and into the net. Cummings redeemed himself in a manner for his earlier missed empty netter but he did little to earn the goal.

Colorado had been controlling the ball in the offensive third of the field, but they hadn’t threatened much. Now San Jose will be pushed to find an equalizer against a defense that has been very stingy all season. Busch has been excellent since replacing Joe Cannon but this gaffe was very poorly timed in a game that San Jose needs at least a point out of.