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Anthony Tolliver, 'The Decision Part Deux'

As Ben Q. Rock reported earlier, Anthony Tolliver has chosen to sign with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The fans over at Golden State of Mind posted a video of Tolliver poking fun at his own lengthy deliberation through his spoof of LeBron James' infamous "Decision" press conference to announce his signing.

Tolliver's decision to sign with the Timberwolves reminds me of another "diamond in the rough" Warrior that found riches elsewhere in Minneapolis-Twin Cities. That Warrior being Brian Cardinal. Both are slightly undersized power forwards with above average skill sets for their position. Both players played with a ton of heart and pride: Brian Cardinal called the "Garbage Man" for doing the "dirty work," whereas Tolliver was unafraid of protecting his basket even if meant being on the wrong side of a highlight.  

But lets hope Tolliver's career doesn't end up injury-marred like Cardinal's. Best of luck to Tolliver in the upcoming seasons in the Midwest. As much as he frustrated me with his wide open bricks from the perimeter, I still loved the guy for his energy and for his seeming love for his teammates (see his attempt at helping Stephen Curry secure his first ever triple double).

As the Timberwolves are stocked at the 3--4-and-5 position, lets hope Tolliver gets some burn and a chance to show off his talents.