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Buster Posey, The San Francisco Giants, And Saving A Few Bucks

Jeff Sullivan recently put together an in-depth article discussing the manner in which the Giants maneuvered catcher Buster Posey into their roster. Given the big money likely coming down the line for Posey, the Giants wanted to ensure an extra year of control over Posey before he would be eligible for free agency. As an A's fan, I've long been aware of this little game teams play.


Is it shady and under-handed? Personally, I don't think so. Posey will likely still become a Super Two Free Agent, which ensures an extra year of arbitration for him. However, given the amount of money we're talking about, it's certainly hard to feel like Buster Posey is somehow being screwed. In the contextual world of professional sports, where 6 figure salaries are in fact bargains, obviously he's getting hosed. Of course, given his extra year of arbitration, I think Posey will do alright for himself if he continues to play anywhere close to his current level of production.