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Quick Look: Rockies @ Giants Game Two

The Giants will need very strong play from rookie pitcher Madison Bumgarner on Tuesday night against the Rockies. In game one, Jonathan Sanchez played a very good game, then handed off to Brian Wilson in the ninth inning, where he ended up getting the loss after giving up a run.

It's a series the Giants need to do well in. With the Padres being played hard, it's all the Giants can do to keep it close by beating more divisional rivals and they really should have won on Monday night. Bumgarner will look to quell the Rockies in game two of the three game set and get his Giants back on the right track.

He'll be up against Esmil Rogers, who pitches just good enough in his last outing to get a win, though it will be a tough night for him if he repeats his performance while his offense doesn't repeat their's.