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Fantasy Football Drafts And Homerism

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I'm involved in a few different fantasy football leagues, two of which are paid and two of which are free. In the free leagues I tend to let my homerism and fandom carry me a bit more. If no money is on the line, I might as well find guys that are either fun to watch or on teams I support. The 49ers improvement recently has led to some intriguing fantasy options that easily play into my homer rankings as a 49ers. When you've got guys like Michael Crabtree, Frank Gore, and Vernon Davis available (and even a stout 49ers defense), you don't feel so bad selecting them.


The question becomes when do you grab players from your favorite team in a league draft where you've got a decent amount of money riding on your 2010 performance? Again, guys like Crabtree, Davis, and Gore are all valuable, but do you overvalue guys you support? For Raiders fans, will you grab Jason Campbell a bit early or maybe buy early because you're convinced Zach Miller is due for a breakout season? I've got a money league with a draft tonight. However, it's a keeper league (1 keeper per team) in which I have Vernon Davis kept as a 12th rounder this year and an 11th rounder next year. Not too shabby. Maybe that can keep me from over-valuing 49ers and costing myself a league title.


What kind of draft strategy do you employ when it comes to your favorites teams?