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Gradkowski Grabs No. 2 QB Spot

There were some troublesome things that happened Saturday against the Niners (injuries, bad run defense, missed tackles), but one thing Raiders fans should be happy about is they have a solid No. 2 QB. Bruce Gradkowski, seeing his first game action since tearing ligaments in both his knees (in one play) last season, shined for the Raidahs. Gradkowski went 14-for-22 for 202 yards and two TDs Saturday, throwing a 74-yard bomb down the middle to Louis Murphy and a slant to tight end Zach Miller. OK, the bomb was a gimme (the cornerback on the play looked liked one of those old video game players who would sometimes get stuck in a certain position and would wiggle around a little bit before you could move them), but the slant pass was a legit NFL throw. Gradkowski, don’t forget, beat the Bengals and the Steelers last season before going down with the injury. Tom “The Cable Guy” Cable certainly likes him:

“He definitely showed himself well and strengthened our football team at the quarterback position,” Cable said. “I think he is (the backup). I never said he wasn’t.”

I always thought Kyle Boller was a good professional bowling name…Maybe he could take up that…