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Gotta Feel Bad For Ben Sheets

I realize you can only feel so bad about a guy who received $10 million for roughly 2/3 of a season's worth of work. At the same time, it's important to take baseball salaries with a grain of salt and put them in the proper context. Accordingly, we can in fact feel bad for Ben Sheets. Sheets is apparently set to have surgery next week, and according to Sheets, he's likely to be out for upwards of 12 months.


I suppose normally this would be worthy of a story stream. However, given that his time with the A's is basically at an end, I figured an independent blog post could work. Sheets struggled with consistency in the early going, but prior to the elbow injury he seemed to be settling into a nice little rhythm. I don't know if the A's were in fact going to trade him, but either way he would have been of value to the A's, whether it be as trade bait, or as a guy to lead the rotation into a potential pennant race.


Sheets is a free agent after this season, and likely won't be back on the field until 2012, wherever he ends up. Best of luck to Sheets going forward.