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Kevin Riley Named Cal Starting Quarterback By Jeff Tedford

Bear Territory talked with Tedford, who revealed what most of us have assumed for months.

“Kevin is the starter. Kevin’s the starter, unless he gets beat out. Kevin is the starter, you can write that down,” Tedford said. “I didn’t say ‘until,’ I said ‘unless.’ The top three will get, in the beginning (of camp), very equal reps. And then, as camp moves on, it will be whittled down where the ones will get more.”

Tedford expressed in no uncertain terms the most confidence that he has had this offseason in senior quarterback Kevin Riley, while leaving just enough wiggle room should the unforeseen unseat the veteran signal-caller.

“Here’s the deal: competition is very good. There’s still going to be competition,” Tedford said. “Kevin is our starter, and he will be our starter, but there will still be strong competition with the other people. He will be our starter unless something happens, or unless someone plays better than him.”

At least for once, we won’t be wringing our hands over the Cal starting quarterback position going into fall. Right?